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Is Project Scorpio Assumed to be the Upcoming Xbox 2?

Xbox 2: Since the first Super Mario game, the gaming universe has traveled a long way with the revolution of technology. Previously, when gaming was an imagination, people couldn’t believe to get so much from the gaming world. Now that it has flourished in every possible way, serious gamers always want to be updated about the upcoming installments.

Gone are the days, when video gaming used to be nothing but a myth. Here, we shall talk about the upcoming console of Xbox. In 2013, Microsoft rolled their console Xbox One as the successor of their successful Xbox 360. We have witnessed Microsoft announcing their undertaking Project Scorpio( on June 13 in 2016.

Xbox 2 Features: The gaming world is being ruled with the virtual reality and 4K resolution. And we have witnessed Microsoft speculated to be developing an entirely new and upcoming beast of the machine. Well, they have mysteriously branded it by the name Project Scorpio, and we can address it by Xbox 2. Here is the list of features that is speculated to come along Xbox 2.

Design- The next console of Microsoft is to be rolled out later in this year itself. Considering the design, Microsoft is speculated to bring out a box-type outlook for the upcoming console. Xbox 2 has been in the rumors for a couple of times and inched us to the fact that this next console might come to be a portable one.

VR Compatibility- In today’s generation, Virtual Reality is something that can be seen everywhere. Starting from just a smartphone to concerning all video games, VR has become something interesting and relevant. Tech savvies along with gaming enthusiasts; all try to dive into the world of virtual reality with just a VR headset. Considering that Xbox two will be available in the market in the year 2017, it is speculated that the upcoming beast console is speculated to be featuring 4K gaming, as announced before by the company Microsoft.

Memory- One S from the company is running on 8GB of DDR3 RAM. But as announced by Microsoft before, Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio is going to be the most powerful concept by the company; which will be rolling out with 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM. While the storage of Xbox 2 will be offering two different variants which would vary with storage size; one is speculated to offer 500 GB while the other is going for a more expensive one of 1 TB.

Xbox 2 Release Date: Xbox one took 8 years to get released, though, it failed in replicating the success of the predecessor. But as the news goes, Xbox 2 is going to be something bigger. It would definitely change things up for the Microsoft Company. We can speculate Xbox 2 release date somewhere in the near future. But at the E3 2016 conference, the company revealed openly that they intend to roll out Xbox 2 by the end of this year. So to be more specific, we can speculate Xbox 2 to get released in November in the year 2017.

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