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WWE 2K18 News Confirms the Details of Collector’s Edition

The gaming world has over-brimmed with the rumors surrounding WWE 2K18. With last year's title, the game gave a solid performance. Therefore the anticipation of the upcoming WWE 2K18 has flooded the gaming universe. 2K17 was undoubtedly good in its own way, featuring multiple gaming modes alongside 26 superstars as well as 13 different songs. But as they say, there is always a room for improvement, with greater aspects we are here with possible WWE 2K18 news.

WWE 2K18 News: Expect the 'Cena (Nuff)' Edition

John Cena, as we know has been the face of the game for a very long time. And with the graceful WWE 2K18 news, we have been reported that Cena is going to be the cover star of the collector's edition in WWE 2K18 which is dubbed as "Cena (Nuff)" edition. While this package offers a variety of goodies to WWE fans, gamers will also be beneficial in getting the season pass. The game is coveted by age-old fans of "Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect."

With WWE 2K18 news, we have also gathered that players will be getting the allowance to download the content packs which might get announced in the near future. Special edition in WWE 2K18 also includes serious gamers to carry forward with some additional wrestlers in the installment. The game will come with the inclusions of two extra versions of Cena himself, calling back to his matches at the "ECW One Night Stand" in the year, 2006 and "WrestleMania 26" in the year, 2010. Coming back to those two editions, two of them will get released alongside the opponents he faced at those events, being the Rob Van Dam and "The Animal" Batista.

There are various collectibles included in this special version of WWE 2K18. Some of them, which fans would receive from “Cena (Nuff)" are mentioned here point wise. The mentioned collectibles highlight prominence of Cena's long tenure with the WWE world.

  • The Fanatics Limited Edition Commemorative Plaque
  • The Mattel Cena figure
  • A designed package with a cover sleeve

The Closure

Gamers around the globe will also receive the extra "WWE SuperCard" items which are luckily included. With the closure statement to the collector's edition, PlayStation 4 owners as well as Xbox One owners who opt for purchasing the edition will be lucky enough to get an early access grant. In that context it means, they can get their hands on the game from Oct 13 onwards, which is apparently, four days prior to WWE 2k18 release. As per the release date of WWE 2K18 goes, fans will have to wait until Oct. 17 of this year. Meanwhile, as per WWE 2K18 news, the game is due for Nintendo Switch; although the launch date of this version has not been officially confirmed.

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